Shining Love


"I couldn't have done it without Jaclyn's calm and motivating spirit, creating a relaxing tone throughout the chaos." 

- Megan R.

"She always encouraged my husband to be my number one support system. They worked together making sure my every need was met." 

- Kara H.

"I was able to achieve my first VBAC because of Jaclyn’s knowledge, professionalism and hip squeezes!" 

- Kendra A.

"She arrived at our home pretty quickly and was truly my rock during the most painful contractions." - Aimee S.

Client Testimonials


It was my first pregnancy and I definitely wasn't ready for it. My husband was, but I had no idea what I was doing. All I knew was God said, "You will be fine". With so many insecurities and worries from being a nurse and having worked with sick kiddos, I had anxiety of taking care of my sweet little one, in and outside my body. Could I take the pain of labor? If I couldn't, would I still be a strong momma? Jaclyn, as a wonderful and caring friend, encouraged me throughout my pregnancy. I had looked at getting a Doula but didn't have the finances at the time. Unknowingly, though, Jaclyn had stepped up into that place. She answered all questions and gave me great resources to prepare myself throughout pregnancy. When the night came, I took labor upon myself cause I didn't really know if I was in it! I labored from 10 pm until 1 am when I couldn't stand it any longer and finally woke my husband. Contractions were 3-5 minutes apart and we had an hour drive to make. By the time I got to the hospital and through triage, my contractions were 30 secs - 1 min apart. I was not successful in not getting the epidural because there was no rest for me or my daughter and her heart rate would plummet during each contraction despite any breathing and imagery techniques I tried. I just had no rest.  Come morning, I message Jaclyn. She worked as a calm and encouraging spirit for both me and my husband. If my daughter's heart rate went low or my blood pressure dropped, she was there to let him know we were ok and that God's hands were in this. She prayed over me as I rested and constantly checked on me and helped me to be comfortable. Come times to push, she was involuntarily chosen to hold one of my legs and did it like a champ. She took it in stride and never made me feel vulnerable or embarrassed. Throughout the pushing, the doctor declared that he didn't think Norah was going to fit. He gave me one ultimatum: I had to give it my A-game. I had to push with everything I had or I was going to have a c-section. In that moment, I wanted to cry, but I knew that if I did, all my strength would leave and I'd definitely be having a c-section. I asked my husband to pray with me as I held back MOST of my tears and Jaclyn grabbed my opposite hand and prayed along with us. She then grabbed my leg again, the nurse on the opposite leg, and my mom behind me and I pushed one last time. Norah came into the world and she was perfect. I couldn't have done it without Jaclyn's calm and motivating spirit, creating a relaxing tone throughout the chaos. I am so thankful and know she will be an amazing addition and helper to any momma who would like that extra bit of help, knowledge, motivation, and encouragement throughout pregnancy and labor. But not just that, she was a big help with breastfeeding and still is (some 18 weeks out now). She educated me on breastfeeding, helped make sure my latches were good, and was a helping hand and there at any moment did I need her. To say her help was priceless seems lacking. And as we sat out on my back porch, I just remember telling her, "You have to become a Doula. It's your passion and you were mine, so I can vouch for you. Now we know you can do it, you just have to go out and do it for real!" And she has. I couldn't be more proud of her. I pray God uses her for miraculous things.

Megan R.


Hiring Jaclyn as my doula was 100% worth it. After giving birth naturally to my first daughter with the help of a doula and my husband, I knew I wanted the help of a doula again for the birth of my second daughter but, being new to the Tulsa area, I wasn't sure where to begin. I interviewed a handful of doulas but ultimately chose Jaclyn because our connection felt really natural from the beginning. My husband and I met with Jaclyn many times before my daughter's birth. She did a great job of getting to know us and and helping us prepare. She even stopped by the day before she was born to help me with a few exercises when I was feeling uncomfortable. I went into labor really early on a Saturday morning. I knew I wanted to labor at home as long as I could and I knew I wanted Jaclyn there with me, so my husband called Jaclyn from the beginning. She arrived at our home pretty quickly and was truly my rock during the most painful contractions. She initiated new laboring positions, used helpful distractions, encouraged me with her words and she even helped to take care of and support my husband throughout it all. When the time came for us to transition to the hospital, Jaclyn was with us every step of the way. She was there pushing me in a wheelchair to labor in delivery while my husband parked the car. She was there when the nurses asked questions about my birth plan. She was there with every contraction and push, and she was there when my sweet little girl was welcomed into the world. She was even there many times afterward for help and encouragement in the post-partum stage. We are so thankful we had Jaclyn as our doula and plan to use her again with any future littles we get to welcome to the world!

- Aimee S.


My experience with Jaclyn as my birthing doula was truly amazing! I had never given much thought to using a doula because I had never heard about anyone else's experience with one. About two weeks before my due date I spoke with Jaclyn about my thoughts on laboring and she showed me a few techniques on how to get baby into a good birthing position and about a few things I could do to prepare my body for the marathon it was about to endure. (a marathon I was in no way prepared for!) She then reminded me that I could still hire her for the delivery if I was interested. So I spoke with my husband and prayed about it and a week later (4 days before my labor began) I made the call and told her I needed all the help I could get and I'd love for her assistance! She immediately stepped in as her role as my doula and gave me all kinds of information I didn't even know I needed! Two days later I began having contractions throughout the day off and on. I texted Jaclyn to let her know, but not really thinking it was the real thing! She suggested taking a warm 30 minute bath and then sitting out of the bath an additional 30 minutes and to let her know how I felt after that. Little did I know I wouldn't make it through the bath without my contractions picking up and becoming consistent at 3-5 minutes apart! After a couple of hours she assured me that this was "the real deal!" I chose to labor alone at home with my husband until I couldn't handle the pain any longer. At that time my husband called Jaclyn and requested that she come over. This was about 4:00am with no sleep on my end! She arrived less than an hour later. We did several laboring techniques at home and she was so supportive and encouraging! At 7:00 am I decided it was time to head to the hospital. She encouraged me to do whatever I felt was best for myself and the baby. The time at the hospital was long, tiring and very intense! However, Jaclyn was the calm during the storm! She was forward about what steps needed to be taken to progress the labor. She got me out of bed, doing squats, walking around, laboring on the ball and several other tricks she had up her sleeve. She always encouraged my husband to be my number one support system. They worked together making sure my every need was met. Whether that was a back rub, a cold towel, or a stern look and statement telling me I needed to relax and breathe! They were the perfect team that I needed to press on through the most difficult and most rewarding day of my life! After 18 hours of laboring and an hour and a half of pushing we finally welcomed our sweet Jenna Brooke into the world! Jaclyn was a God send and I know without a doubt I could not have done it without her! I am forever grateful for the role she played in the birth of my first born. 

Kara H.


We hired Jaclyn for the birth of our son, Josiah. Josiah is our first born and I knew I wanted a doula to help with the birth process. However, my husband, Justin, wasn’t sure what a doula was or what role they can play. He’s very supportive though so he agreed that we could meet with Jaclyn. He learned about the benefits of having a doula at our first meeting and was sold. We clicked with Jaclyn immediately and hired her! Jaclyn was invaluable to us before we delivered, during the birth process, nd was a great support after as well!!! She was so wonderful to meet with us several times before we had Josiah and provided us with great tools. She spent time getting to know us and watching our body language to prepare her to best support us during labor and delivery. She taught us about the labor process and what comfort measures can be use during labor. We even did practice contractions which was really beneficial to have an idea what coping skills would work best during the actual birth. Jaclyn also had great practical suggestions for making sure our marriage was strong. She gave us homework to strengthen our relationship as well as things to do before our baby was born so we would be prepared with healthy meals and other things that would help during the postpartum period. She even recommended an excellent birth photographer upon our request. I started having contractions (turned out to be Braxton Hicks contractions, but I didn’t know this at the time) around 33.5 weeks. I was concerned about how close together the contractions were and if I would have our baby early. Jaclyn was so patient as I talked to her about the symptoms I was having and suggested several great apps to track the contractions. That really eased our  fears. About 2 weeks later, I found out I was positive for group beta strep despite having done all possible efforts to prevent this. I was devastated and scared. Jaclyn was so supportive and took time out to call me versus just texting after she got the news. She intuitively knew I was upset. She suggested several great sites for evidence based information for group beta strep and was willing to pray with me over the phone. Our faith is very important to us. We were thankful that Jaclyn is a Christian as well & was always praying over us! The last week of pregnancy I developed symphysis pubis dysfunction. It was very painful and I became unable to walk. I could only shuffle side to side. I was nervous about being able to handle the labor process, but Jaclyn helped find us a wonderful acupuncturist. I was able to have acupuncture treatment which helped with symptom relief and I believe made the labor process much shorter. During the labor, she was so helpful! Jaclyn had great suggestions on getting into active labor faster & when it picked up, I was dilating 2 cm an hour. Jaclyn was such a great help as it was pretty intense since I was progressing so fast. I loved having her there because she was able to help with the tens unit and rub my back while my husband was holding me up during contractions. Jaclyn did a great job of helping me with my breathing and doing visualization exercises. She knew which positions could help the contractions be most effective and I attribute all this to helping with such a quick labor (especially as a first time mom!) I felt much better knowing she was there so all the pressure to support me being in labor was not on my husband alone. I did receive an epidural once I reached 8 cm and was able to rest some. After this, Jaclyn suggested which labor positions would help me bear down and get to a 10 and be 100% effaced. She was very sensitive to the symphysis pubis dysfunction. Jaclyn knew which labor positions would be best to not cause more pain or damage for later on. I only had to push 37 minutes and only had one minor tear. I know the exercises she recommended we do before labor greatly helped prevent more tearing. (I recovered very quickly from the birth too!) She stayed after the birth to make sure Josiah was able to latch on to breastfeed and that myself, Josiah, and husband were all doing great. She was fantastic at being a calming and encouraging presence. My husband and I appreciated all her efforts so much. We are so happy with our birth experience! It could not have went any better!!! The day after we went home from the hospital, Jaclyn came to check on us all at our home.  She had a beautiful timeline of our birth story typed up for us which is great since I didn’t have a clear sense of time of when things were happening. I’m so happy that I’ll be able to add this to my son’s baby book. She made sure breastfeeding was going well and that we were adjusting to being new parents. She even was on call for us for the next two weeks in case we had questions or needed more support. She absolutely went above and beyond for us in every way! We loved working with her and look forward to working with her again when we have another child!!! If you are looking for a doula, you must hire Jaclyn; she’s truly wonderful at what she does!!!!

Heather A.


Alongside of excitement, joy, and gratitude to the Lord for His gracious gift of our Little One, I also felt a lot of fear and anxiety surrounding labor and delivery (having a child was one of Alan and I’s greatest hopes, but giving birth was one of my deepest fears!) We felt that working with a doula could be a good option for our family, and Jaclyn came highly recommended through Chris and Aimee Swift. After our initial conversation with Jaclyn, Alan and I were even more confident that working with a doula was a good fit for us (and as our faith is an integral part of all that we are, Alan and I really appreciated that Jaclyn is a follower of Christ). It was such a comfort to have Jaclyn guide us through the journey of pregnancy and preparation for childbirth!! Jaclyn is very relational and kind, as well as very professional and knowledgeable. What a blessing she was for us in the season of preparation! We had a well-thought out birth plan, but we also knew that we couldn’t really plan for childbirth.  It was very beneficial that Jaclyn helped us be knowledgeable and prepared, while also helping us remember that due dates are truly “guess dates” and that childbirth is quite unpredictable. It was so helpful to know to hold our plan loosely, as the birth of our son didn’t go according to plan in any sense of the word! Due to low amniotic fluid and suspected meconium, induction became medically necessary at 41 weeks. In the very initial stages of induction, baby’s heart rate plummeted twice, and my doctor felt that baby wouldn’t be able to tolerate the process of labor and delivery - the plan quickly changed to a c section. Jaclyn came to the hospital to be with us as soon as we notified her of the rapid change in plans, and she was with our family in the initial hours right after surgery, helping us settle in and assisting me with breastfeeding. She also came to our home the day after we were home from the hospital and helped us process through our family’s birth story. Even though our birth experience was a medical one rather than the natural experience we had hoped and planned for, God’s peace and provision were perfect! Jaclyn was certainly part of God’s loving care and provision for our family! She was a teacher, a guide, and a friend, who prayed with us and walked with us through the journey of welcoming of son, Simeon Alan Hill into the world. 

Thank you, Jaclyn! God has gifted you for the difficult but beautiful work of being a doula! 

-Rachel H.


I don’t know how anyone does this without a doula! That was the exact phrase I used when laboring at home with Jaclyn. I had a lot of fears and concerns going into labor and motherhood, and having Jaclyn with us leading up to and during the labor/delivery was such a blessing for both my husband and me. Having Jaclyn as a resource during my labor was essential to feeling confident about how my pregnancy and then labor was progressing. Throughout the pregnancy, I reached out to Jaclyn with questions and concerns and she was always so quick to respond with answers and comfort. I cannot tell you how many times I texted her the last few weeks before my son was born! But she was always so patient to answer my questions and provide ideas for comfort for me or positioning for my son. The day of my delivery, she was quick to respond to texts about how I was progressing and quick to get to our house to labor as long as possible before getting to the hospital. Jaclyn was INCREDIBLE at helping reduce the pain of the contractions as well as helping me to go with the contractions instead of against them. At the hospital, things progressed very quickly and when I would start to space out during contractions, I would hear her voice telling me to breathe, calm down, or push—keeping me present. I am incredibly grateful to have had Jaclyn walk us through our pregnancy and then my labor and delivery. I would 100% recommend her for anyone’s birth. She truly cares about her clients physically and emotionally!

-Ashley S.

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Questions Answered


Meet the Client - Kendra A.

  • What would you say was your biggest fear or worry about birth that led you to hire a doula? Did it play out as expected and how did having a doula help you work through that fear?
    • I had given birth to my first child via C-section because he was breech. My biggest fear for my second birth was not accomplishing my VBAC. After interviewing Jaclyn I knew that she was ready to help me achieve my goal. Jaclyn did a wonderful job reassuring me that I had a voice and helped me become confident in my approach with the doctors and nurses. She remained professional at all times and was a welcome source of knowledge. 
  • What, specifically, was the most helpful part of doula support and why?
    • Jaclyn was very knowledgeable about birth. Before, during and after the birth I knew I could count on Jaclyn for information. She answered all my questions professionally and worked right along with the doctors and nurses. 
  • What, specifically, was the most unexpected perk of having a doula?
    • Hip squeezes! ☺ Jaclyn was there from the second we called her. She was up all night while I labored and knew when I was entering a contraction. I was able to achieve my first VBAC because of Jaclyn’s knowledge, professionalism and hip squeezes! ☺